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Ads by CityGrid


As a CityGrid partner, you can get paid to display rich, local CityGrid content and advertising on your site or application. You can request ads by category and geography, and CityGrid servers will generate advertisements from our comprehensive data stores.

You can choose to have CityGrid generate ad images for you, or simply obtain ad data from CityGrid and render the images yourself. You can get ad information in XML or JSON, or make an Ajax call to have the images loaded directly in your pages. You can also get paid for various impressions and referrals from certain business listings provided by the Places API, by adding tracking code to your pages and referral parameters to URLs.

Custom Ads

The Custom Ads API provides raw ad information in the form of XML so that you can create your own advertisement that matches your applications' look-and-feel. Information returned includes name, address, tag line, rating, reviews, distance from search location, and a destination URL. Your application can navigate to the destination URL when the advertisement is clicked.

Web and Mobile Ads

Web and Mobile Ads are ad images generated by CityGrid. Use the Web Ads API for classic web applications running on a desktop web browser, or the Mobile Ads API for your mobile applications (both native apps and mobile web).


If you contact our Partner Account Management team and pass certification, you can get paid when users engage with the content. To get paid for impressions and clicks, simply follow our tracking guidelines.