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Publisher Overview


Here at CityGrid, we use the term publisher for anyone who uses our content and ad APIs to build web and mobile applications for end users. CityGrid has four tiers of publishers, and this page will help you understand the differences between these tiers, and where you will fit.

Four Tiers of Publishers

The four tiers are:

  • Paid Publisher. An approved business or developer who uses CityGrid Places, Reviews, Offers, and Ad APIs, generating revenue through CityGrid ads via Places that Pay. To become a Paid Publisher, you must submit a fully functional version of your site or application with CityGrid content and advertisements displayed for review by our Partner Account Management Team.
  • Partner Publisher. An approved business who uses CityGrid Places, Review, Offers, and Ad APIs in their site. Partner Publishers may be resellers providing data to CityGrid. If you are an existing publisher, have data feeds or APIs you'd like to provide to CityGrid, or have higher volume needs, contact our Partner Account Management Team. However, it is likely that if you fall into this category, we have already noticed your activity on our network and will be reaching out to you.
  • Incubation Publisher. This tier of CityGrid Publishers is reserved for publishers who are demonstrating innovative uses of CityGrid APIs, generating high volumes of traffic, and are making a big impact in the space in some way. Examples of publishers who have risen to become Incubation Publishers are UrbanSpoon, BuzzLabs, Merchant Circle, and Orange Soda. There is no way to apply to be an Incubation Publisher — you need to already be a publisher who is standing out in some way, and we'll reach out to you.

Anyone can become a CityGrid Open Publisher: simply register and start using our Content APIs. If you are looking to monetize and grow your site or application, you will want to enjoy the rewards of becoming a Paid Publisher. CityGrid Paid, Partner, and Incubation Publishers not only enjoy revenue opportunities, they can take advantage of online opportunities such as blog posts, case studies, and other online marketing opportunities, as well as many offline opportunities such as joining us at conferences, hackathons, and contests around the country.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a CityGrid Publisher. Let our Partner Account Management Team know how we can help.