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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from publishers.


Places API

Reviews API

Ads or Places that Pay


Do I have to be approved to become a publisher?

To become a publisher, simply fill out our registration form. We just need your name, a valid phone number and email account, as well as a little information about your application, then you are automatically registered. No approval is necessary, you will immediately receive a publisher code via email.

Does it cost anything to be a publisher?

No. It does not cost anything to be a publisher.

Where do I find my publisher code?

After registering as a publisher you should receive an email that contains a publisher code. If you have not received your code, check your SPAM inbox, then contact

Places API

How much does it cost to get places data?

Nothing. Places data is provided for FREE to developers.

How many calls can I make against the API?

You are allowed to send as many as 10 million queries per month to the APIs.

Do you have places and businesses outside the United States?

No. Currently we only provide places and businesses for United States.

Reviews API

Which sites do you aggregate reviews from?

We have reviews today for Demandforce, RatePoint, Service Magic, Judy's Book, Insider Pages and Citysearch. Adding more reviews to our data set is a priority for CityGrid and something we are actively working on.

Why do I sometimes see only partial reviews?

CityGrid is under contract by some providers to only show part of the reviews, and send users to their sites for full reviews.

Ads or Places That Pay

How do I become approved to receive revenue from "Places that Pay" and advertising?

Email a link to your completed application to for review by our partner account management team.

How much money can I expect to make?

The amount you make is variable and dependent on the quantity and quality of traffic at your site. Higher quality sites will make more money per connection.

Do I have to show ads on my site or application?

You are not required to show ads on your site. You can remain an "open publisher" and only publish places, reviews, and offers on your site or application, as long as you adhere to our usage requirements and terms and conditions.